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Trailer Tracking: Intelligent Asset Management

ORBCOMM's trailer tracking solutions provide the global visibility needed to allow fleet managers to optimise utilisation, avoid empty loads, prevent theft or misuse, improve preventive maintenance and more.

Fleet managers know they can’t afford to lose touch with trailers in transit or in the yard. Intelligent trailer tracking solutions reduce costs and improve trailer-to-tractor ratio while increasing capacity and visibility. Use optional, dual-mode satellite-cellular connectivity to track assets 24/7, even where cellular is unreliable.

Complete Visibility and Efficiency

  • Increase utilisation and keep assets in rotation with accurate trailer tracking, utilisation reports and proactive maintenance.
  • Improve customer service and get more accurate ETAs for a better customer experience with geofences and watch box alerts.
  • Load management improves cargo security and avoids empty trips with trailer weight, door and fault code monitoring.

Mitigate Against Theft

  • Use geofences to track the location of trailer inventory.
  • Receive alerts when trailer doors open outside set parameters and use sensors to detect fuel theft.
  • Protect assets from cell jammers, commonly used for cargo theft, with optional backup satellite connectivity.

Increase Trailer Utilisation

  • Avoid empty miles by identifying trailers that are lying idle.
  • Improve turnaround time by reviewing trailer loading time at different locations.
  • Maximise ROI by identifying trailer overcapacity.

Improve Preventive Maintenance

  • Increase efficiency by proactively scheduling preventative trailer maintenance.
  • Track miles driven and engine hours in real-time to monitor if a trailer is over/underutilised.

Avoid running overloaded trailers

  • Eliminate fines for overloaded trailers and manage overloads using EBS brake data.
  • Get real-time trailer weight data, drill down into load and unload events data.
  • Set maximum allowable vehicle weight settings to each asset and receive alerts to overweight events.

Trailer Tracking

BT 120 (Cellular)
The BT 120 is a reliable, accurate trailer tracking device with robust external door sensors, real-time alerts and proactive maintenance management. Flexible communications take advantage of the higher performance and reliability of 4G LTE networks.

trailer tracking: BT 120

GT 1200 Series
Designed specifically for trailer and intermodal container tracking, the GT 1200 Series features highly improved solar charging capabilities, cargo sensor, global LTE, a global sim card, support for a wireless BLE door sensor and for wired door sensors, TPMS alert light and temperature probes. Its small form factor makes it easy to install on trailers and intermodal containers to provide complete asset visibility, improve operations and lower the cost of doing business—all without the hassle of frequent battery changes. Also available is an optional satellite accessory that integrates seamlessly with the GT 1200 for increased reliability and improved asset visibility.

trailer tracking: GT 1200

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Trailer Sensors

Door, Temperature and Cargo Sensors for Trailer Telematics

ORBCOMM offers a variety of high-performance IoT sensors that provide detailed reports to help you better manage your assets, improve operational efficiency and reduce unauthorized usage and theft.

Cargo Sensors

GT 1210 with Integrated Cargo Sensors
ORBCOMM’s solar-powered GT 1210 is available as an all-in-one trailer and container tracking solution that integrates cargo sensors for quick and easy installation. Ideally suited for large-scale deployments, the GT 1200 series can be installed in about 10 minutes to minimize operational disruption. Use on any trailer or container asset type and in any orientation. This state-of-the-art, feature-rich tracking solution delivers powerful remote asset management and cargo status detection capabilities with minimum wiring.

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GT 1200 cargo sensor

SC 200 Full Length Cargo Sensor
ORBCOMM’s full length SC 200 cargo sensor can be integrated with our award-winning GT 1100 asset tracking device to detect the presence or absence of cargo inside standard full-length trailers, providing greater asset visibility and security. The SC 200 has a sensing range of up to 53 feet and sends alerts if a change in load status occurs or if the sensor is damaged or removed. As part of a comprehensive trailer tracking solution, the SC 200 enables fleet operators to quickly identify empty and loaded trailers, optimize turn time, detect cargo theft and more.

Full Length Cargo Sensor

Door Sensors

DS 300 Wireless Door Sensor
ORBCOMM’s wireless door sensor delivers enhanced visibility of trailer and container operations and improved cargo security. The DS 300 detects when doors open or close, enabling fleet operators to know if the cargo area is being accessed as scheduled and react quickly to unexpected openings.

Wireless Door Sensor

DS 100 Door Sensor
ORBCOMM's reliable DS 100 door sensor can detect if the trailer or container door is open or closed beyond set parameters or while in route, providing enhanced security and operational efficiency. The Door Sensor can report a rapid number of open and close events or if the asset is outside a pre-determined geofence, helping fleet owners improve asset safety and security.

Door Sensor

Euroscan Side Door Sensor
ORBCOMM’s Euroscan Side Door Sensor seamlessly integrates into our asset tracking solutions, detecting when a side door is opened or closed outside set parameters, such as location or temperature, in order to help operators protect cargo against temperature deviations and theft.

Side door sensor

Temperature Sensors

Euroscan Temperature Sensors
The Euroscan temperature sensors seamlessly integrate into ORBCOMM’s cold chain monitoring solutions to help ensure the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargoes such as refrigerated or frozen foods and pharmaceuticals as they move along the supply chain. The IP68-rated sensors operate in extreme temperatures and environments.

Euroscan Temperature Sensors

Trailer Tracking

FleetManager: Go Beyond Trailer Tracking By Unlocking the Power of Your Fleet Data

FleetManager is a cloud-based analytics platform and information management engine which unlocks valuable data for every user in the organisation.

Optimised to work with ORBCOMM’s truck, refrigerated, container and trailer tracking devices, FleetManager delivers advanced reporting and analytics for the entire fleet on one single platform. With mapping, reports, alerts and exception management, FleetManager provides all that is needed to ensure regulatory compliance, maximise asset utilisation, minimise operational costs, increase driver productivity and improve customer satisfaction for better ROI.

Depending on your fleet, FleetManager can be configured to display specific workspaces with individual workspaces for dispatchers, fleet managers or the safety and compliance team. Its powerful features include individualised customisation, advanced data mining, configurable reporting, intelligent search options, multi-user management and advanced mapping.

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“We have access to monitor our trailers nationwide through the ORBCOMM platform. Our business runs seven days and seven nights a week; our trucks are manned on double shifts through our fleet utilisation plan — delivering during the day and at night depending on customer’s needs.”

Fergal McLoughlin, Director of Operations, Strandvaus

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