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Fleet Safety

Fleet safety experts estimate that driver behavior contributes to over 90 percent of the crashes that kill tens of thousands of people and cost billions of dollars annually. Improving fleet safety involves more than simple driver monitoring and reactive policy measures—it requires a proactive solution to verbally coach drivers in real-time to develop safer driving habits.

ORBCOMM technology is squarely focused on the driver, and offers the only real-time fleet safety solution that detects unsafe driver behavior and offers verbal coaching before a crash or fineable offense occurs.

Improve Fleet Safety with Verbal Driver Coaching

  • In-cab Voice Coaching: Send automated in-cab verbal alerts in real-time when drivers are speeding or driving aggressively.
  • Speed-by-Street™: Send automated verbal alerts when drivers exceed the speed limit on any given road segment.

Keep Drivers Safe and in View

  • Seat Belt Use Alerts: Ensure drivers are wearing a seat belt by sending alerts to drivers and managers.
  • Crash & Roll Over Detection: Receive instant notification via phone, text or e-mail when a vehicle has been in a crash.
  • Emergency Call/Panic Button: Call for help via hands-free cell network communication with a single push of a button.
  • Signal Jamming Detection: Help prevent hijacking by detecting the use of GPS and GSM jammers. Track stolen vehicles via GPS.

Monitor Drivers for Enhanced Fleet Safety and Efficiency

  • Automated Exception Alerts: Receive instant notifications via text, e-mail or phone call when a driver commits a serious violation.
  • Driver/Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR): Create fully customizable vehicle inspection checklists for operators to complete electronically.
  • Driver/Fleet Scoring: Automate driver/fleet scorecards to identify safe drivers and those in need of additional training.
  • Work Alone Timer: Allow drivers to set up timers warning management if they do not return to the vehicle within a given time frame.
  • Vehicle Inspection Alerts: Send timed checklist alerts to remind drivers of pre/post-trip instructions and inspection requirements.
fleet safety device

Fleet Safety Devices

Pro-400 – Fleet Management and Driver Safety

The Pro-400 is designed to dramatically change unsafe driving behaviors and prevent crashes in an easy-to-implement, easy-to-manage fleet safety solution—delivering immediate and dramatic results for fleets of all sizes. Safeguard drivers, increase fleet efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

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BT 500: Fleet Safety and Truck Telematics
Part of ORBCOMM’s truck management platform, the BT 500 helps improve truck driver safety through correcting unsafe driving behaviors that lead to accidents, fines and higher insurance risks. Enable driver performance scoring, safety reporting and analytics, truck-specific navigation, electronic DVIR and more.

truck driver safety with BT 500

IDP-782 – Cellular and Dual-Mode Cellular-Satellite Fleet Safety for Solution Providers
Fleet managers get the best of both worlds—lower cost data transmission in areas with cellular coverage, and reliable, always-on satellite communications over the two-way IsatData Pro satellite data service anytime the cellular network is unavailable—all from a single source provider.

fleet tracking: IDP-782

Fleet Safety Solutions

Connect App: Driver Safety and Fleet Management
ORBCOMM’s Connect App is the only real-time safety solution that detects unsafe behavior and offers coaching before a crash or ticketable offense occurs. Get the tools for informed safety management with weather alerts, road hazard warnings, immediate incident reports and more.


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FleetManager: Unlock the Power of Your Data for Improved Fleet Safety and Much More

FleetManager is a cloud-based analytics platform and information management engine which unlocks valuable data for every user in the organization.

Optimized to work with ORBCOMM’s truck, trailer, reefer and container monitoring devices, FleetManager delivers advanced reporting and analytics for the entire fleet on one single platform. With mapping, reports, alerts and exception management, FleetManager provides all that is needed to ensure regulatory compliance, maximize asset utilization, minimize operational costs, increase driver productivity and improve customer satisfaction for better ROI.

Depending on your fleet, FleetManager can be configured to display specific workspaces with individual workspaces for dispatchers, fleet managers or the safety and compliance team. Its powerful features include individualized customization, advanced data mining, configurable reporting, intelligent search options, multi-user management and advanced mapping.

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“One driver required five gallons less on fill ups because he eliminated aggressive driving habits; not to mention reducing the impact on the environment, a large part of our company's culture.”

Vice President of Operations, McCall Service

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