Trailer Monitoring Device with Integrated Battery Power

Monitor trailers, containers, vessels and more with fully programmable satellite tracking

The IDP-800 is the first low-profile, fully programmable satellite communications device with an integrated battery compartment that uses the two-way IsatData Pro satellite data service on the Inmarsat network for remotely tracking and monitoring trailers, containers, vessels and other fixed and mobile assets.

The IDP-800 is ideal for tracking unpowered equipment in both land and maritime applications requiring more data and quicker message delivery.

Trailer Monitoring Device: IDP-800

5 Reasons to Choose the IDP-800 for Trailer and Vessel Monitoring

1. Battery Powered
Uses regular or rechargeable batteries or vehicle power. Three year battery life with once a day reporting.

2. Two-way Communication
Uses the global Inmarsat constellation, offering high payload and low latency.

3. Save on Airtime
Onboard geofencing and accelerometer detects motion to transmit only when moving.

4. Low-profile
Slim profile design and easy installation makes it ideal for tracking and monitoring trailers, containers and vessels.

5. Enhance Cargo Security and Operator Safety
Protect cargo, drivers and maritime safety with panic button, door sensors, power cut detection, GPS jamming and more.

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“ORBCOMM technology meets the increasing demand for richer information in remote applications without the added costs associated with continuous connectivity, regardless of vehicle location.”

Svetlana Khadonova, Marketing Director, SpaceTeam Holding